Exam preparation

Best study plan used by top 1% of students

Step 1: follow the lectures and take notes

At first, it’s essential to attend lectures, make notes and start studying step by step.
Here are 3 tried-and-true tips to help you ace that test without feeling overwhelmed.

Step 2: Focus on your study plan

A well-structured study plan is essential for efficient test preparation.
Here you can find a guide to a successful AI study plan that will maximize your learning and improve your academic performance.

Step 3: Find your way to study and retain information

AI study tools

Discover 7 of the best AI tools to make your study more effective, speedy and engaging

Study with flashcards

Learn how to create flashcards and transform your study materials into powerful resources

Multiple choice tests

With dende you can create your own multiple choice quizzes based on your study material

Step 4: Review your weak areas

Spaced repetition

Discover how spaced repetition can revolutionize the way you study and memorize information

Active recall

Discover 5 ways to incorporate active recall into your study session

Step 5: What to do the day before an exam (dos and don’ts)

Feeling nervous about the day before your exam?
Discover how to make the most of it and show up fully ready for the test!
Generate +100s of quizzes from your study notes