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In 2024, technology has become our best learning mate, and AI study tools are leading the way. Now it’s all about smart, fast and super engaging learning experiences.

So, what are the best AI study tools? 

Whether you are preparing for an exam, working on a research paper or just trying to learn something new, these 7 AI study tools that will make your study sessions a breeze.

AI study toolUse forFree version
dendeAI quiz generator,  AI flashcard maker3 file upload, flashcards (up to 10 pages), up to 30 exam questions
Mathlysolving math problemsfree trial 
Jenni AIwriting200 AI words per day, unlimited PDF uploads, AI editing commands
ChatGPTwriting, brainstormingReceiving answers, writing texts
Algor Educationcreating maps from documents30 AI credits, 3 multimedia manual maps, 50MB for your documents, sharing
Otter.airecording and transcription of audio to textAI meeting assistant records, and transcribes, 300 monthly transcription minutes, 30 minutes per conversation; import and transcribe 3 audio or video files lifetime
Gamma AIcreating visual content from document400 AI credits, PDF export (Gamma branded), PPT export (Gamma branded)

1. dende is an advanced AI study tool that helps you generate questions from your PDF. You can upload your papers, study notes, and summaries to create quizzes and flashcards for studying. 

We’ve all been there: hours reading, taking notes and answering questions, often for multiple exams and subjects at once. Yes, it can be tiring and … a bit confusing! But with dende you can take your study material and automatically generate quizzes similar to those on exams

By answering questions, dende identifies key concepts and helps you review them with questions tailored to you. In fact, the questions are 100% consistent with your study material. They rely solely on the information in your study notes and files. 

Ai study tools

dende also generates flashcards, taking the most important information from your study material. This makes pre-exam review more effective and focused.

Ai study tools

💡 Smart feature: dende gives immediate feedback on your answers. Every time you answer a question, you receive a comment explaining why the answer is correct or incorrect, helping you immediately understand the mistakes you made.

2. Mathly

Mathly is an AI for math tool designed to help you with math problems step by step. All you need to do is snap a pic of the problem you’re stuck on, and Mathly’s AI takes action:

  • It analyzes the pic
  • Then Mathly figures out the problem
  • It gives you a complete solution, along with clear explanations that make sense.
ai technology

But Mathly isn’t just about solving one problem. It goes the extra mile by offering follow-up questions. Once you’ve got the solution, you can dive into extra exercises to really solidify your understanding of the math concepts.

Between the AI apps for education, Mathly is a go-to tool for solving math problems smoothly, making learning math fun and easy. It’s like having your own personal math tutor in your pocket!

💡 Smart feature: Mathly understands that everyone learns differently. Whether you’re a visual learner or you prefer examples, it customizes its explanations to match your learning style. 

3. Jenni AI

Jenni AI is a powerful AI writing tool for tackling those tough academic tasks and research papers. Jenni makes writing easier with features like text rephrasing, plagiarism detection, and smart idea suggestions. It simplifies the writing process.

Here’s how Jenni AI writing works

  • You tell us what you need – like a school essay, a professional email, or research – and we’ll follow your instructions.
  • Then, Jenni uses its advanced algorithms to whip up original, accurate content.
ai writing

So, Jenni AI is your go-to for all your academic and writing needs. With its help, you can produce top-notch content efficiently and confidently, leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter most.

💡 Smart feature: Jenni AI also helps when it comes to originality. It has a plagiarism checker to make sure your work is original and doesn’t violate copyright laws.

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI powered tool that significantly aids university students in their studies.With its vast knowledge base and language skills, ChatGPT covers a wide range of academic topics.

Students can use ChatGPT to clarify complex concepts and topics, effectively supplementing their understanding of course material.

ai powered tools

Additionally, through brainstorming sessions and discussions, ChatGPT helps students refine their thoughts and develop coherent arguments. But, in practice, how to use ChatGPT?

Let’s say you’re a medical student studying the heart’s electrical system for an exam. Feeling a bit lost?

Just ask ChatGPT to explain it to you. Type something like, “Hey ChatGPT, can you help me understand how the heart’s electrical conduction system works?” And ChatGPT will provide a detailed explanation to guide you through it.

💡 Smart feature: ChatGPT allows to change its answers based on the conversation. It also remembers past messages. This helps it give better responses over time.

5. Algor Education 

Among the AI websites for students, there is Algor Education, an AI tool designed for study and teaching that allows you to create multimedia maps from digital documents and books in a simple and effective way.

Best ai for homework

Here is Algor Education in a nutshell:

  • Create, customize and share real-time concept and mind maps from your texts quickly and easily.
  • With the support of AI algorithms, Algor Education simplifies comprehension and synthesis of texts. You can automatically highlight key periods, extract key concepts and generate concept maps automatically from your texts.
  • On the digital whiteboard, you can collaborate on maps and documents by sharing changes in real time with friends and teachers.

💡 Smart feature: Voice synthesizer with highlighting makes reading your digital documents easier for those with reading difficulties. It is available with different languages, voices and playback speed.

6. is an AI-based application designed for automatic recording and transcription of audio to text. It captures and transcribes meetings, lectures, interviews, and other conversations, simplifying information processing and note-taking.

best ai for homework’s workflow is simple: users record audio through the application or upload existing audio files, and automatically converts the audio to text. The resulting transcript is accurate and can be easily viewed, edited and organized through the application

💡 Smart feature: automatically recognizes different voices, attributing them to corresponding speakers during audio recording.

7. Gamma AI

Gamma is a AI content creation tool that helps users create presentations, documents, and web pages easily. Users can write content in a simple document without worrying about formatting and design. Once you create your doc, you can choose the appropriate style for your presentation with just one click. 

Keep in mind that better the prompts, better the results. So, try to provide Gamma with prompts that clearly describe the content you want in your slides

ai learning tools

Context is also important, so you should try as much as possible to provide some background information for more accurate results. These may include your intended audience or the type of tone to be used.

💡 Smart feature: each slide can incorporate GIFs, videos, Web sites, and graphics, selected and generated on the spot by the AI itself.

These 7 AI learning tools are game-changers for students in 2024, turbocharging their study sessions with efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness. So why not give them a try and change your study routine today?

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