AI study guide maker

Use an AI study guide maker to generate
an actionable study plan for your exam.

How an AI study guide maker works

Image of file upload on an AI quiz maker

Upload all your PDFs at once

You can upload all your study notes in PDF – they can be summaries or lectures and study notes.
Wait few seconds and review a well organize AI study guides that helps you to focus on all the most important concepts and organize your time.

Organize the key concepts in quizzes and flashcards

All your PDFs are transformed into an actionable study guide that will make you practice and understanding the most important concepts.

As you go through your study guide, you can see the progress for each concepts and optimize your study time and focus on the weaker areas.

Image of key concepts extracted by the AI Quiz Maker from PDF
Image of the questions generated by the AI Quiz Maker from you PDF

Get an immediate feedback and understand what you get wrong

Every time you respond to a questions, you see a feedback that gives you a feedback based on the information in your PDF.

The more quizzes you complete, the more your critical thinking increases and the more your goal to ace your exam gets closer.

Get the most out of
an AI study guide maker

Upload all your PDFs - don’t exclude any resource

Benefit from automatic concepts detection

Reply to questions and keep track of your progress

Why an AI study guide maker from PDF is different

Most of the students struggle to understand the key concepts to learn and to organize their time to review.
An AI study guide maker from PDF solves both the problem in a few seconds:
  1. it automatically exctracts the key concepts you should learn before your exam
  2. it gives you an actionable plan to review all your study material with organized quizzes and exam questions explanation.
You can also use flashcards to revise your content. So you can leverage active recall and spaced repetition efficiently.

How to transform your study routine

Just imagine to have a study tool that not only tells you what to study, but also keeps track of your progress.
The first thing we reccomend to do is to upload your PDFs and study notes at the end of each lectures or when you completed some chapters of your books.

This habit will make you progress in your studying consistenly, so to pass your exam easily and without cramming.

Generate +100s of quizzes from your study notes