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Here’s a sneak peek of what you will get in this article:

  • How to generate exam quizzes from your study material (completely automatic) in any language
  • How get immediate feedback on your answers and a clear explanation to what you are doing wrong
  • Discover the areas of the papers you are weaker and should review before the exam
  • (are you a flashcards lover?) You will see how to generate them automatically

How helps you pass your exam easily

Our study routine to exam preparation has always been filled with hours of readings, notes, questions, and cheat sheets (not you, I know..).

Traditionally, we had to create all this material ourselves, spending countless hours in the process and sometimes got so annoyed that we left or start lowering the quality of the studying.

And things get worse when we aim to pass multiple – often too many – exams in the same session. 
With, all that changes.

It allows you to take the material you need to study and automatically generates exam-like quizzes for you.

As you answer questions, dende identifies the concepts you’re weaker on and assists you in revising them, serving up questions of varying difficulty tailored to those topics.

How to generate exam-like questions in seconds

Screenshot of the Documents page where you can add a new document to generate new exam questions from

Upload your study material

The first thing to do to generate exam quizzes is to upload in dende the content you are using for preparing for the exam.

In dende, you can upload your study notes l in various ways.

  • Drop in files like pdf, .doc, .ppt formats (only make sure to upload content that is not protected by copyright
  • Submit your study stuff straight from a Google drive url
  • Copy-paste text directly

Once uploaded your content, you can wait few seconds for the questions to be generated

Practice on MCQs and Open-ended questions

Dende automatically read and understand the context of your study material and generates exam quizzes that you can practice on.

Questions can be MCQ or Open-ended – so you can practice for different types of exam – and are taken from different part of your documents so at the end of the learning session you can get a clear overview of the concept you should focus more.

Get immediate feedback on your answers

One of the features most appreciated by dende’s students (and also by me) is the immediate feedback on the answers. 

In essence, every time you answer a question, you receive a comment explaining why your answer is right or wrong. This immediate insight helps you understand your mistake straight away.

Our algorithm will present that question to you again in the future, ensuring that you’ve grasped the concept and are genuinely prepared should it come up in your upcoming exam.

This is your exam question

Screenshot of the quiz mode in

And this is the feedback on the wrong answer

Screenshot of the feedback that gives you if you answer uncorrectly to the question

Did you know that we’ve added feedback even when the answer is correct? I’m sure you’ve often tried to guess during an exam, and many times it worked out for you.

You can do that on dende as well, but even if you get it right, we thought it might be helpful to understand why the answer was correct.

At this time, our goal is to learn, not just to pass the exam at any cost 😉 

Screenshot of the feedback on the correct answer in

How to see the concepts you need to review to pass your exam

dende doesn’t just generate exam questions. It also tracks how you answer. Every question is tied to a fundamental concept from the document (which you need to know perfectly by exam day).

If you head to Concepts page from the main menu, you land on all the concepts extracted from your document

You can then check the concepts you should focus on more and practice on the exam questions from those concepts only

Screenshot of the Concepts page in where you can easily prepare for your exam practicing on the concepts you struggle the most

How to review your wrong questions

What about the questions you got wrong? How could you come back to them and make sure you deeply understood them?

In dende we thought about that too.

In homepage, if you go to Explanation section, you will see all the recent questions that you replied uncorrectly and you can ask for a deep explanation.

Wait few seconds and here you go. A deep explanation on how to reply to it the next time you will see it.

Screenshot of the explanation to the questions you replied wrongly. This helps in preparing for your exam

My tips is to pass most of the time in the quiz mode, where questions are optimized to boost your knowledge.

After 10 minutes in the quiz mode, you can head to the Explanation section to review the most tricky questions and focus on the reason why you are getting them wrong

Understanding is always the best way to memorize it

So don’t rush it for the correct answer, it will come naturally if you have a deep understanding of the context of your document

Flashcards to test your memory before the exam

All study apps allow the creation of flashcards (I’ve never used them personally, but many students have told us they love them – especially those in medicine and law).

Anyway, we thought about it too, but decided to do it differently than traditional apps. Our flashcards are generated automatically based on the most crucial information in your document. 

If you’re a fan of flashcards, you’ll understand the value: with dende, you can save hours and hours of work creating flashcards too.

Screenshot of the flashcards with an exam question you want to practice on
Screenshot of the other side of the flashcards that shows if you guess the answer

It is actually also a fun and interactive way to learn – maybe while you are in metro going to university.

dende dishes out one card, you take a swing at answering the question, and then just click on the card, and whoosh! The answer appears on the other side. It’s like a cool flip-the-card game for boosting your passing exam’s skills.

Why dende is so effective to make you pass the exam easily

Before defining dende’s features, we extensively researched numerous study apps out there. Most of them offered notes, summaries, and some even had quiz questions.

Yet, none genuinely offered a hands-on, adaptive exam preparation journey.

Enter dende. Every time you answer a question, it signals the algorithm to refine the next ones, making your “pass the exam” journey smoother.

This is powered by cutting-edge AI and leans heavily on tried and tested learning techniques like Active Recall and Spaced Repetition, which form the backbone of dende.

To sum up, dende will make sure you will get all the concepts required to pass the exam before your deadline. It is just a matter of sticking with it the time you need to complete all the important topics.

Quote from Alec Conti, Co-founder and product manager of

Use dende to pass any exam – in any language

We thought dende as an adaptive platform for any exam, in any domains. Despite there will always be some students from particular courses that will love dende more than others.

Important to say: dende works with any language. So when you upload your documents, we automatically detect the language of your document to generate the questions accordingly.

Also the feedback and the explanations will be in the language of the document.

To clear the idea, we want to be the perfect study mate whatever your language or your goal.

Image that shows that works with any language and help students from all over the world to easily prepare for their exam

Why we created dende: more than just passing an exam.

Before I leave you, I wanted to share the reason we created dende.

dende was born because all too often, students feel the pressure of taking an exam.

I’ve always struggled with the anxiety of feeling unprepared, and this often held me back from reaching my goals.

With dende and thanks to your support, we can create a genuine resource for all of us.

To feel more confident and tackle all upcoming exams, not just university ones but those of life, with greater awareness and trust.

Because every exam is an opportunity, right?

Start now using for free and get a step closer to ace your next exam


Is dende free?

There is a freemium version so you can test how effective the tool is in extracting important concepts and exam-like questions from your documents. When you feel that dende can help you in passing the exam, you can subscribe for a little fee (at the moment is 6,90$ for 30 days – with no automatic renewal). This way you will unlock all concepts, questions and explanations you will need to ace your exam.

What type of documents can I upload in dende to generate exam questions?

At the moment you can upload .PDF. We will add more formats soon. If you want to help us making dende a better product, you can write us at [email protected] telling us what files you would like to upload and we will take into consideration your tip for the very next release.

Can I share my account with a fellow student?

We crafted dende as an adaptive and personalized platform that adjusts based on your progression in your exam preparation. If you share your account with another student, your statistics will be skewed. Moreover, the pricing for dende is incredibly affordable – our goal is for every student to pass the exam with dende’s assistance. So, I’d recommend suggesting to your fellow student to subscribe and take advantage of a complete and tailored experience.

Do you have a referral link so I can earn some money during college?

Yes, we have it. Our marketing strategy is based on word of mouth and a strong community. Check here our referral plan:

I’m an educator, can I have a special plan for me?

Absolutely, we would be more than happy to talk with you and build a special plan tailored to your needs. Please contact us at [email protected] 

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Alec Conti

Before an exam, I always felt I wasn't ready enough, which caused me anxiety. To solve this, I created I lead the product team, aiming to bring AI learning to the world and help every student believe a little more in themselves.