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By now, it’s quite evident: technology is revolutionizing the way we study and prepare for exams. Among the tools available today, we all know about ChatGPT, a versatile assistant that answers questions on a wide range of topics. However, it doesn’t always have all the useful features to be your perfect AI assistant in studying. 

In this article, I’ll show you the unique features of each tool, comparing them point by point to help you figure out which tool can best meet your study needs.

1. Generate quizzes directly from your study materials

dende vs chatgpt

Dende is a specialized, automated tool for generating quizzes directly from your study materials, with advanced feedback and scheduled repetition features. 

Instead, ChatGPT, while being a powerful AI tool for answers and explanations, is not designed to offer the same focused and automated experience. 

Here’s why: 

Reading and understanding the contextReads provided files (notes, pdfs, textbooks) and automatically understands the context and content. This means that dende can extract relevant information directly from documents without the need for manual input.It doesn’t have the ability to automatically read specific documents to understand context. It can only answer questions based on user-supplied input and general knowledge built into the model.
AI Quiz generation in few secondsIn seconds, dende generates exam quizzes based on the content of uploaded files. Questions can be multiple-choice (MCQ) or open-ended, covering different types of exams and providing comprehensive practice.It cannot generate quizzes automatically. Questions must be entered manually by users, and ChatGPT can answer these questions without creating a structured quiz format.
Relevant and wide-ranging questionsDende-generated questions are drawn from different parts of documents, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the concepts studied and helping students identify areas for improvement.It can answer questions on a wide range of topics, but doesn’t have the ability to create specific, relevant questions based on a single document without direct, detailed user input.
Immediate feedbackProvides immediate feedback on each answer, explaining why it is correct or incorrect. This helps students better understand concepts and memorize information. Correct answers also receive feedback, which is helpful in consolidating understanding.Can provide detailed explanations upon request, but does not provide immediate, structured feedback as part of a quiz. Explanations must be requested manually for each answer.
Spaced repetitionUses repetition algorithms to reintroduce the wrong questions in the future, ensuring that the user fully understands the concepts before the exam. This approach helps strengthen long-term memory.Doesn’t have a built-in feature of programmed repetition of wrong questions. Questions can be repeated manually, but without a structured repetition system.

2. AI flashcards maker in few seconds

Dende generates flashcards from files in seconds based on the most important information in your document. 

This way you can try to answer or guess the question on the front end, then click on the flashcard to guess the correct answer.

dende vs chatgpt

ChatGPT, while a versatile tool for generating content and answers, does not have the ability to automatically create flashcards from specific documents. 

Let’s see in detail the differences: 

AI flashcards makerCreate flashcards in seconds based on the information in the uploaded document. This allows users to have a set of flashcards immediately ready for study, without the need for manual data entryIt doesn’t have the ability to automatically create flashcards from specific documents. Users must manually provide the information and request ChatGPT to format it as flashcards.
Spaced repetition flashcardsIt uses optimization algorithms to determine the revision frequency of flashcards, helping to improve long-term memory. This system is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the study and ensure optimal retention of information.Doesn’t have a built-in feature to optimize the review frequency of flashcards. It can provide advice on memorization techniques, but does not automatically manage the review of information.
Focus on specific parts of your docsAllows users to use a filter to focus on flashcards related to specific parts of their notes. This enables focused, in-depth study of the most critical conceptsCan help create on-demand flashcards based on specific parts of a document, but users must manually indicate which parts of the text to use. There is no automatic widget to filter and focus flashcards.

3. Focus only on key info with Concept feature

Dende’s Concept feature extracts key concepts from your study materials, facilitating focused and optimized learning. 

dende vs chatgpt

With the ability to automatically identify macro topics and organize information in an accessible way, it allows you to focus on the most important topics.

ChatGPT doesn’t provide the same structured and automated experience for extracting and managing key concepts. Here’s why:

Automatic extraction of concepts from pdfsAutomatically extracts all concepts and macro topics from an uploaded document. This allows users to have a clear and structured overview of the key points and main topics in their study materials, making it easier to identify the most important areas to focus on.It doesn’t have the ability to automatically extract concepts and macro topics from documents. It can help identify main concepts only through specific questions asked by the user, based on manual analysis of the provided text.
Organization and access to conceptsIt organizes the extracted concepts in a dedicated section accessible from the main menu. This allows users to easily navigate between topics and have quick and orderly access to the concepts they need to practice the most.It doesn’t have an organized section for concept management. ChatGPT responses are provided on demand and cannot be automatically categorized into an organized structure for easy access and review.
Focused quizzes on key conceptsAllows users to practice extracted concept-specific exam questions, ensuring targeted and in-depth training on the most relevant topics in the paper. This helps reinforce understanding and memorization of key concepts.Can create questions on specific concepts if requested by the user, but does not provide an automated, integrated system for generating targeted exercises on the concepts extracted from the document.

In conclusion, both dende and ChatGPT offer solutions to support students in their learning journey. 

The choice between the two depends on your specific needs: if you are looking for focused support for studying, practicing quizzes and consolidating key concepts, dende might be the ideal solution. 

If, on the other hand, you need a flexible assistant to get immediate answers on any topic, ChatGPT is a great option. 

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for exams with dende, take a look here.

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