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Are your exams just around the corner and you feel like you’ve forgotten everything?

Here’s my advice:

  1. Don’t panic – it’s normal, we’ve all been there.
  2. Try an AI quiz maker from PDF to realize that you are really much more ready than you think

What You’ll Discover in This Article:

  • How to generate exam questions from your PDF using a new AI quiz maker
  • How to avoid wasting time with generic, non-study-focused quiz generators
  • How to keep track of correct answers and review the ones you got wrong

Generic Test-Prep Website vs AI Quiz Maker from PDF

Issues with Generic Test-Prep Websites

If you’ve ever tried using one of the many websites that generate quizzes for exams, you might have noticed that they aren’t always effective.

Often, the quizzes are too generic and don’t cover the study material your professor gave you.

This can lead to a waste of time and preparation on the wrong material, especially since there’s no way to understand the questions and concepts where you’re weakest.

Why an AI Quiz Maker from PDF is the Solution

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and platforms like, you can generate questions from your document.

The questions are created to test your knowledge on the contents you’ve chosen, whether they are lecture notes or handouts from your classmates.

The key aspect is that you have control over the content from which the questions are created, ensuring you practice the right exam topics.

AI Quiz Maker from PDF Specifically Designed for Exam Preparation

A website designed to generate quizzes for exam preparation should offer more than just questions.

It’s easy to find online tools that generate dozens of questions, but the difference lies in tools that provide a learning experience based on the generated questions.

Using, in addition to generating hundreds of questions from your PDF, you can access:

  • Real-time feedback on your answers (both correct and incorrect)
  • Request detailed explanations for questions you don’t remember
  • Track concepts to review and answer questions only on those topics

Keep Track of Your Exam Questions and Review the Trickiest Ones

Generating questions from your PDF isn’t enough for proper exam preparation. It’s essential to keep track of the questions you’ve answered and how you fared. has a Library that collects all your questions, allowing you to review the correct answers anytime and play with them to boost your memory.

For this purpose, you can also check our AI flashcards maker feature.

Generate Questions from Your PDF in +100 Languages

Most test preparation websites are in English, as the questions are often pre-generated with English as the priority language.

With a modern AI quiz maker, you can generate exam questions in any language.

For example, supports a total of 108 languages.

Whatever your language, detects it and generates questions and feedback in your exam language.

which is also a game-changer for countries that until now couldn’t access famous exam prep websites due to the language barrier.

When to Pay for an AI Quiz Maker

Test the Quality of the Questions

With many tools available to generate questions from your PDF, make sure you can test their quality before paying.

At, you can generate around 30 questions and feedbacks for free. After assessing the quality of the questions for your study material, you can then confidently pay.

The Truth About Paying for This AI Quiz Maker from PDF

You need to accept a truth: you’ll never find a good AI quiz maker that is free.

This is because the computational effort and infrastructure required to run these tools are very expensive.

Once you’re sure the tool is valuable, consider how important its value is relative to your goal.

If your goal is to pass an exam, save hours generating flashcards, or if you’re spending a lot to receive professional coaching, consider trying this tool.

Pay to Unlock All Questions Generated from Your PDF

After validating the quality of the free questions, unlock all the content by upgrading to the premium plan.

At, we aim to be accessible to every student in the world, so we’ve kept the plan price as low as possible.

You can get all questions from your PDF for $6.90 per 30 days (no automatic renewal), giving you 30 days to best prepare for your next exam.

Plus, you can upload unlimited PDFs, so if you have more exams during that period, you can prepare for all of them.

Test now the quality of the questions and take a step closer to ace your next exam

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